Accounting Automation – The Future of Businesses

Accounting Automation – The Future of Businesses

From Blaise Pascal (inventor of first adding machine) to Charles Simonyi (inventor of Excel), there has always been a motivated initiative to shift the manual works to an automated process in order to make the individuals more productive by indulging into more productive works alongside assigning the works to automation devices or work with the help of them.

During my schooling, some odd day, going through my grandfather’s IT return files, I went through those yellowed papers and came across the fact of it being manually drafted further, post a conversation with him, I got to know the fact under the acknowledgement sheet that all the calculations, shares transactions, expenditure, income computations and other relevant data was manually drafted and shared.

The dust got removed but led me to bleed for them after realizing that it was so hard on them since their loads of productive hours went wasted through these unproductive process of manual working and we are so privileged to have the gift of their curiosity, the advancing technology which further lead to the automation of the accounting processes.

Post 1985, after the historical bang of excel spreadsheet, the world moved towards the automated accounting. Major entry works and calculation works got mapped through excel sheets and the process got a bit time saving and went on the path of accuracy.

Laterally Peachtree, the first accounting software, kick started the human brains to refine and move towards accounts and finance intelligent softwares. And after decades of advancement and refining in the twentieth century we have our business intelligent software, RealBooks, which has already gotten over the physical storage processes and had set its servers on clouds, the digital vacant land.

How Automated Accounting System (AAS) and advanced softwares like RealBooks benefited the accountants?

  • Efficiency: Automation has always been developed for either ease or efficiency. Time saved is time earned. The AAS has saved tons of productive hours and the efficiency got it actual meaning.

During the Financial Closing, waiting for those ledgers from the branches and the reconciliation was the most tedious and hectic process but after the indulgence of automation, if the automation tool were used correctly, it has been way too time saving.

  • Fast retrieval of data: In the physical documentation and filing days, which is still not a long past, referring to previous data was like entering door full of numbers from past.

In this RealBooks era not only the entry but also the documents can be uploaded vide ‘drag and drop’ process in single click and the capacity of the cloud, just like your wife, to store any amount of data has made referring to the past as easy as ever.

  • Accounting Accuracy: Accuracy has increased in multifold completely because of the automation since all the data entered are finance and accounting smart processed. Auto Reconciliation features like Auto BRS helps in maximum data reconciliation automatically and the data accuracy level raised its bar. Alongside, features like Approval Workflow, the maker-checker concept where the entries moves through a specific hierarchy individuals which makes it go through multiple users and the data is the most accurate in its kind.
  • Real-time data synchronization: Accounts maintained severally at branches and then brought at Head office in hard drive and then reconciled or entries made in branch taking time in processing and updating in the HO account is a not-so-long-ago issue.

Automation has reduced this time lag to “0”seconds in the updated softwares like “RealBooks” where time lag has got no space in their dictionary.

  • Cloud Based Accounting with Zero security threats: Advancement of automation processes have got no limits since in this technology world there is no “no” to betterment on every next moment. Hard drive storage process or hardware based servers are no less than past, as clouds have taken over these which has less infrastructural and maintenance cost and high-end access to the data without any geological barrier.

RealBooks is hosted on Amazon AWS servers, using better than bank grade encryption, with Multiple levels of Data Backup and Password Protection Policy. So, sit back and relax since your data is secure with us.

  • Good Bye! Physical Documentation and Filing: Letting auditors taking over your office spaces just like Income Tax raiders is a past now. Both auditors and companies hate this process of physical verification of documents and files and wish that the documents must be available in the accounting entry itself. RealBooks has used automation wisely and made documentation and access to those easier than ever and the above issue is completely resolved.
  • Role Based Access Control: Not every secret is for everyone. Similarly, not every individual is eligible for each and every data or data modification. Thus, with role based access control data can be controlled based on their roles and eligibility to access the data. Management has complete control over the process.
  • High Productivity and Professional Development: Automation taking place of accountants is a myth. Machines and softwares cannot do everything on their own, they still need accountants to drive them and ensure its proper working. Getting rid of those repetitive manual works, the accountants can develop their skills leading to their professional development. Professionally developed individuals guarantee higher productivity as well.

Automation is like gifts to middle class people, multi solution provider and essential as well. Accountants have already been using this gift since many years and now it’s time to use it a level above with RealBooks and experience the most efficient and accurate software of its kind.

Switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

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