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RealBooks: Your On-the-go Accounting Partner

RealBooks is a cloud accounting software designed for professional service firms and accounting practices. It streamlines financial tasks such as invoicing, bookkeeping and expense tracking with features such as document management and permission-based access. With RealBooks, financial data can be accessed and shared from anywhere.


Discover features that drive business efficiency

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

The document attachment feature of RealBooks, has solved a major issue of physical verification of supporting documents at the time of auditing. The accountant directly uploads the supporting documents with a single drag-and-drop, while making the entry and the half-screen document visibility makes the process easier.

No Limit to Number of Companies

No Limit to number of companies

RealBooks Single User license empowers Chartered Accountants with a centralized solution for managing unlimited companies. Easily switch between entities, eliminating the need for multiple systems and enhancing efficiency, making RealBooks a flexible choice for CAs handling multiple clients and projects.

Easy Data Sharing At One Place

Easy Data sharing at one place

RealBooks provides Chartered Accountants a centralized platform for real-time data sharing with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, improving collaboration and eliminating manual data transfer. Easily set access levels for seamless sharing with other professionals like auditors or tax consultants.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

RealBooks is a budget-friendly bookkeeping solution for businesses, offering invoicing, bookkeeping, compliance, and reporting features at a fraction of traditional software costs. As a user-friendly cloud accounting software, it saves on hardware expenses and costs with features like 2A reconciliation and direct GST filing.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime , Anywhere access

RealBooks offers convenient, cloud-based access to financial data from any device. Ideal for Chartered Accountants, the platform allows for remote work and real-time collaboration with a team or clients from different locations. Get seamless, on-the-go access to financial data with RealBooks.

Real-time GST consolidation

Real-time GST consolidation

RealBooks offers real-time GST Consolidation, providing real-time visibility into GST data. This feature enables users to analyze and monitor their GST information as soon as it is entered, ensuring up-to-date compliance and informed business decisions. With real-time GST Consolidation, businesses can stay on top of their tax obligations.

Insightful, Automated Reporting

Insightful, Automated Reporting

Get accurate data analysis and insights to drive better business decisions. Customizable reports to meet specific needs. Saves time and effort, ideal for high volume clients. Efficiently manage client financial data and provide precise financial reports.

Dedicated Training and Support

Dedicated Training and Support

RealBooks offers personalized training and support for Chartered Accountants to maximize their use of the software. This includes one-on-one training on software utilization and ongoing support for any questions or issues.

Higher Team Productivity

Higher Team Productivity

RealBooks reduces manual errors, increases data accuracy, automates repetitive tasks, and offers real-time GST Consolidation, along with insightful reporting, support, and training. This central location for clients' financial data enhances collaboration and communication across team.

Top Notch Data Security

Top Notch Data Security

Being hosted on Amazon AWS Servers, we ensure maximum security of your data. To safeguard your data from unauthorized access we store the data encrypted at 256 bits, and control the user access via role based permissions, approval management mechanisms etc.


Right For You


RealBooks is a professional tool that makes driving sound financial decisions every day easy.


Collaborate with clients

Give secure access to your clients for invoice generation, reporting, etc.


Access on any device, any time

Access on your desktop, tab, or mobile with simple internet connectivity.


Multi-company access

Give permission base access for each company to your entire team.

Right For Your Clients


With RealBooks your clients can take financial decisions like a Fortune 500 company.


Real-time bookkeeping

Up-to-date client accounts with complete transparency.


Insightful Reporting

Over 200 live reports enhance decision making by providing valuable insights.


Highly Scalable

Suitable for small, mid-sized, large and even listed companies.

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Common Queries, Clear Solutions

RealBooks provides import facility in Excel & XML formats. In case you have any queries feel free to get in touch with us, and allow us to guide you better.

Your data is in safe hands with us as we are hosted on Amazon AWS servers and utilize encryption that surpasses bank-grade security standards with 256-bit encryption. Additionally, we have implemented multiple data backup levels and a stringent password protection policy to further ensure the security of your information.

Your client will not be able to view the data and information of other clients unless you grant access them. The access to the data is controlled by the permissions assigned to the user account. For example, if they have been given access to only 2 out of 10 companies, they will only be able to view the data related to these 2 companies and not the other 8.

Experience seamless parallel access to your books with RealBooks. Simply create a user account, grant appropriate permissions, and share the access with your clients for real-time book access.

Unlimited company creation made easy with RealBooks – streamline your business processes with a single user license.

RealBooks includes the capability of GSTR1 filing or auto reconciliation of GSTR2B as a standard feature, and there is no additional cost for utilizing it.

Yes, we have special pricing for Chartered Accountants. To know more about the offer, reach out to our sales team at +91 99108 22099 or drop in a mail at


Industry-Tested and Approved: Hear Their Stories

We shifted to RealBooks more than 5 years ago and are managing more than 400+ clients with a very small team very efficiently and in a collaborative manner.


CA Abhishek Patel


A practising tax consultant since 1994, I was a dedicated tally user. But post 2020, with changing scenarios, work from home became a norm. So looking for a web based online software, I came across REALBOOKS. The interface and usability was very easy to understand and implement, with a cost effective pricing. Best part document tagging with transactions, which is most useful for any future reference and audit. After using it for almost 1 year, I am very much satisfied with the software as well as the back end support provided by REALBOOKS team. Highly recommend REALBOOKS to all business houses.


CA Manish Jain

The document attachment feature is world class and we immensely benefited during Lockdown as we did not need to visit client offices at all for any outsourcing or audit work.


CA Mukesh Gupta

Adventus Business Pvt. Ltd.

RealBooks simplifies accounting tasks effortlessly, making transaction management easy. I wholeheartedly recommend RealBooks to others based on my experience, rating it a 9 out of 10 for its user-friendly approach and efficient results.


CA Alex Philip

Managing Partner, Alex Philip Associates

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