How cloud accounting software make your business more productive

How cloud accounting software make your business more productive?

If you are new to cloud accounting software, make sure you know how it is more productive for your business.

A cloud accounting software simply means accounting software on the cloud.

And that means you have access to your systems anytime, anywhere with the help of your browser and an internet connection.

Over the decades, Bookkeeping has been done in the same old tradition where software is installed into the system from where all the day-to-day accounting is done.

In most cases, these systems are installed in the office which cannot be accessed round the clock.

The result – delayed in recording daily expenses, non-reconciliation of bank accounts, etc.

And all this is because of the procrastination in recording the daily expenses and taking a quick look at the accounts on a regular basis.

Fortunately, with cloud accounting software such as RealBooks, these limitations can be taken care of with ease.

As simple as it sounds, software like RealBooks online accounting software can ease a number of your day-to-day activities in turn making you more productive.

So let’s find out how cloud based accounting software such as RealBooks helps you to be more productive on a daily basis.

How does cloud accounting software, apps, and other tools help?

Accounting is one of the vital components of a business but not an easy task.

Not only does it show the position of account balances, but it is also the basis to judge the financial competence of the firm.

Being a specialized job, it is difficult, cumbersome, and time-taking.

A one-stop solution that can help a small business or a new start-up with its accounts is an automated accounting software suite.

Computers have taken up the burden of accounting and now the world has moved to the online tool i.e. cloud accounting.

The Cloud Accounting Software helps in streamlining the flow of essential information through various company departments.

Online accounting software’s and tools also reduce administrative paperwork and maintain updated records of real-time financial transactions.

And further with the help of  Automated accounting tools businesses can report and document accounting transactions.

Why do Small businesses need to manage their Accounts more efficiently?

Accounting is only one small part of managing the financial side of a company.

In fact, large companies have internal financial planning and analysis department for a reason.

This team of professionals works together to identify which pieces of financial data are actually important.

So as to highlight the business drivers, identifying inconsistencies, and supporting leadership in making plans to mitigate challenges.

This kind of analysis can provide a warning of issues before they arise, helping executives to determine failing lines of business while providing a roadmap for the future.

Insight into what matters and what doesn’t can be a huge leg up, helping decision-makers to determine where costs can be cut, understand detrimental variances to the budget and keep the business operating like a well-oiled machine.

In a small business, however, there’s generally no room in the budget for an FP&A team, leaving business owners without this robust resource during the analytical process.

And this is exactly where the automated accounting tool comes into play.

Online accounting tools and cloud accounting software such as RealBooks are user-friendly.

It completely eliminates the need for professionals to run your accounts, feeds data into, and generates a report from the packages.

Tech support and back-end engineers facilitate minimum maintenance, thus keeping the service economical and affordable.

A Cloud Accounting software and Automated Accounting Tool – RealBooks

RealBooks is one of the best accounting software in India.

It has been developed with the same objective of providing SMEs with a tool that is as robust as needed to manage a Fortune 500 company but is user-friendly and affordable at the same time.

With the web and mobile application, RealBooks can be used anytime, anywhere where the whole team can work simultaneously.

Also, with the automatic generation of reports, decision-makers can benefit from the accurate data available to them helping in future planning and budgeting.

So if you wish to build a Fortune 500 company it is time to move to an accounting tool that supports your growing business.

It’s time to redefine your business intelligence with RealBooks

“Work on the go” with the RealBooks mobile app

What if I say that from the traditional systems in your office you can now migrate most of your accounting tasks onto your mobile phone.

Yes, with RealBooks mobile application you can now easily download the app and do most of your daily bookkeeping tasks.

Also, you can use the phone eliminating the chances of errors and delays.

Not only this, with RealBooks mobile app you can now access your financial reports anytime.

And this will help you to make quick decisions based on the records rather than forecasting.

Recording daily expenses with ease

Most of us, in order to record our daily expenses, would carry a number of bills in our purses planning to record them at the end of the week or month.

But in this process, most of them would be misplaced or lost.

Whereas, when you switch to RealBooks you can simply record your expenses by simply scanning the bills, invoices into the app or software directly.

This eliminates the need to make manual entries saving your time and efforts.

Collaboration with your team and Clients

Usually, when we have to share accounting records with an Auditor or maybe a team member, we usually download it in excel format and sent it across an email.

This involves a lot of to and from exchange of data to complete a single task.

A major reason being our traditional software did not give the ease to share data with our team of auditors.

But with RealBooks, you can easily share data with your team or auditors on a real-time basis.

This means the same data is shared and can be accessed by the team simultaneously leading to quick actions and decisions.

Notification and Alerts

Imagine if you into a business where inventory and stock management are a crucial part.

When using traditional accounting solutions despite doing all the resource planning.

You continuously need to check the stock levels, etc. especially if your business follows the JIT model.

Now with RealBooks, you can simply set triggers for notifications and alerts where on a particular scenario an SMS and an email would be sent to you immediately.

And this saves you the time to keep a continuous check on resources.

Paperless Office

An office with minimal or rather no usage of paper at all is termed as a paperless office.

Imagine an office where you do not have to bury thousands of documents.

This has been the dream of Realbooks since the year 1975.

The term “Paperless” is in itself a very interesting terminology.

Because the fact is that no office will ever be completely paperless or so we think.

What the future holds in store we can only wait and watch.

An office with no paper at all Doesn’t the idea sound great to you?

Guess what it isn’t just a great idea to think over.

It has innumerable benefits some of which you wouldn’t have even thought about.

Apart from saving Time, Money, and Resources- it helps you create a stress-free work environment.

And you can forget about the tension of finding the right document or trying to figure out a way to remember where you have kept what.

The best part about paperless office solutions is that you need not be a tech genius.

Nor you have to be able to understand how to use it simply because it is very user-friendly and easily available.

A paperless office helps bring automation to your business process and operations.

A paperless office allows its users to categorize and organize in methods that best suit them.

By going paperless- you take your first step to becoming an eco-friendly organization.

Flourish the Eco System Flourish Life

Facts state that an average employee uses up to 7 Trees per year, by using paper.

So you can imagine the number of trees we can save when an organization dedicates itself to using minimal paper.

And is determined to switch to a paperless office.

A paperless office offers you the befits of avoiding clutter and mess that is created from all the documents, the file racks, and the pile of files on each office table.

The office would become much more spacious, hence more space for employees to move around and breathe.

What conventional organizations fail to realize is that not only are they being irresponsible citizens.

But also they are wasting their valuable time stacking, searching, and documenting which is basically reducing the efficiency of the employees.

The use of OCR software has literally changed the game face of a paperless office.

It was first used to translate any type of document into Electronic Files.

With the use of such online accounting software, one can scan their document and save it online.

It makes it easier to ensure better error checks and also improving time utility for the employees.

Not to forget the high standard of security that comes with these paperless solutions.

Each individual can password-protect their respective documents.

It helps in developing an interactive business atmosphere between the member panels.

Now that you know everything about it- why waste time? Hurry switch to the paperless office today!

Let us not forget Time is money!

Insights through Dashboard and Reports anytime, anywhere

How quickly can you access reports with your current software?

Surely, the process of extracting reports from the software and then reaching them to you is long enough for you to any quick actions.

To be more productive, what you need is software that gives you a real-time update of your data giving you a complete overview of your business.

And that’s exactly what RealBooks does for you.

With the RealBooks app, you can now access the Dashboard.

And also giving you a complete overview of your dues, cash flows, and profitability in seconds.

The above points must have given you a new insight on how with a small change of your outdated accounting software.

So when talking about productivity at work, you can bring in more productivity at your workplace.

What do you think?

Are you someone who wishes to be more productive at work?

If yes – It’s time to switch to online accounting software

And RealBooks can definitely help you, in this case, to scale and grow your business.

It’s time you switch to RealBooks and stay connected at any time and anywhere 24X7.

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