Schedule reports with RealBooks and put an end to reminders!

Schedule reports with RealBooks and put an end to reminders!

Instead of juggling between deadlines, Get your reports on time!

A vast number of reports are generated on a regular basis. It can be chaotic when there’s a large number of reports lying on the desks. The pressure piles on when one needs to remember when each report has to be mailed to the Seniors for meetings or to the Customers and Vendors for Reconciliation.

Why not schedule the Reports and keep your brain and the desk free for other productive work?

Receiving reports wherever and whenever you need makes business operations smooth, but organizing days to receive specific reports cuts the confusion of where to focus first.

Welcome to RealBooks!

RealBooks is an Easy and comprehensive cloud-based online accounting software that allows you to schedule your reports, you can easily schedule to notify and send automated reports on emails to internal team as well as customers & vendors.

Our scheduler feature allows user to –

  • Define to whom the report is to be sent.
  • Define when to get the report. The task can be scheduled for hourly, at intervals, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Define report type
  • Define the format of the report (excel or pdf)
  • Define the report date range

Let us Guide you better!

Scheduler not only saves you from the mess, but offers the following managerial benefits as well-

1.Saves time

For instance, you have a weekly management meeting. Now, rather than waiting for your employee to provide you weekly reports, you’d already have one in your email for your perusal. This saves a lot of time and makes decision-making quick.

2. Notify the party

You can also define your debtors and creditors as the user while scheduling. That way, they also get the reports as per a schedule. This helps to maintain full transparency between the parties.

3. Efficiency check

With a scheduled Day Book report, you can check the entry counts at the end of the day and note down the level of productivity of employees.

4. Get a plethora of reports

You can schedule almost all kinds of reports at a particular time from Ledger Reports to Branch Reconciliation Reports to Stock Reports.

5. Intelligent tracking

The schedule list contains every little detail of the scheduled reports. You can easily keep track of when the emails are and to be triggered.

Astonished?? Don\’t be. This is all for real. Many of our clients are already making the most out of this feature.

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It’s time to switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.


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