We handle your price list while you plan your pricing

We handle your price list while you plan your pricing

Once upon a time, I was at a departmental store for my monthly groceries. At the billing counter, the billing clerk was referring to his pricelists for each and every item. Waiting in that queue of 15 customers, my monthly grocery went short by 3 days.

And, I (15) and Adam (14) are good friends now.

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Pricing strategies depend on organization to organization but all strategies end up to a price list or multiple pricelists of their products and services offered to their customers/clientele.

Typing the prices on item to item in one sale order to another is the process in which the probability of error is high and the time consumption is higher.

Good fortune and work load move hand in hand.

Organizations with long term perspectives will surely move towards a more accurate and expeditious process.

Example for accuracy and expedition

It’s high time for your accounting software to understand this organizational concern of yours and give you a platform for the best of accuracy and in the most effortless way.

Wondering, whether such accounting software exists?

Your wander ends here!

RealBooks has heard you before you and we are up with Advanced Price List feature which will help you to create the sale orders most efficiently & accurately.

Forgone, would be the age old process of searching an item and fetching the prices. Now, just add the quantities and rest would be wait and watch.

Fill-in the quantity and see the magic: The age old method of selecting an item and fetching the price will soon turn obsolete. In this rapidity and efficiency seeking era selecting an individual item in a sale order, one after another, will not be a thing of regular practice. For this specific ease, RealBooks has introduced the section for Quantity in the pricelist tab of the Sale Order Screen so that instead of searching & adding specific items, the users can simply specify the quantities, and on a single click, post that, complete data will be populated in the Sale Order directly.

To understand it better, refer to the video

Rest, here are the well-proportionated ingredients of the Price List Feature meal:

  • Excel Import: It’s time to save your time! You can directly upload the pricelists in predefined formats rather than adding the prices and items manually.
  • Flexibility of assignment: Assign the pricelist not only to the Company Level or Segment Level but also to the Ledger / Party Level.
  • Item-wise Date range applicability: The flexibility of defining date range to individual items is one of the key elements of this feature.
  • Quantity Range Flexibility: Volume based pricing strategy is very commonly applied strategy (Pricing is done based on specified quantity ranges). Noted and have given our feature, the quantity range flexibility as well.
  • Multiple Price Lists: 1, 2, 5 or 10! Assign as many pricelists as you want to your ledgers alongside you get an option to choose the applicable pricelist as well, while booking an order.
  • Ranking Structure: Multiple pricelists will not lead you to confusion, since the feature allows you to rank your price lists, based on this ranking hierarchy, system will pick the Rank-1 pricelist always, leaving rest for you to choose from the other ranks too.
  • Provision for Rate Change: Rates populated from the pricelists shall be in a modifiable format or not, is a decision that an organization needs to make and we are providing you this flexibility as well.

Furthermore, confidentiality is a challenge and we accept it. Data modification by the assigned authority makes it more secure than open access module. With our Role-based access control feature, we create empowered admins further helping them to control the access of the data and to specified extents.

Who, as a user, can’t get over their ex-accounting software and switch to our Feature Flooded Product “RealBooks” after reading benefits of such advanced yet not-so-complex feature of our Product.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

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