6 reasons why RealBooks is the best accounting software in India for Auto Dealers

India is the fourth largest country in the world by the valuation of the automotive industry, as of 2021. It is safe to say that the volume and scale at which the sector operates is at par with global standards. Infrastructural advancements, skill development of labour, consumer awareness and demand are all factors that contribute to the continuous progress of the sector. However, if you look at a critical function – accounting & finance – this is an area where the sector might be a few years behind. RealBooks – a cloud-accounting software in India is bringing accounting to the 21st century.

As an integrated accounting-inventory-payroll management software, RealBooks has a lot to offer that helps businesses boost their productivity and simplify accounting 10x faster. Smart features that score high on the usability index, a simple and efficient user interface backed by a free mobile app, and many other characteristics make RealBooks the best accounting software in India.

Here are the top 6 reasons why RealBooks is the only cloud-based accounting software in India that auto-dealers are signing up for:

1. RealBooks is hosted on Amazon AWS Servers 

Much like in the auto sector, one of the top concerns of a vehicle is its safety features. It is no less for us if not more. The safety of your data is our prime priority. RealBooks is hosted on Amazon AWS Servers – which efficiently results in zero-to-no downtime. Your data is secured. What’s more, user-based access within the system ensures that data is not manipulated and everything can be tracked. We didn’t claim to be the best accounting software in India for no reason.

2. Multi-location, Multi-branch, Multi-GST 

It is only our sincerest wishes that your dealership expands to multiple locations and across multiple branches. The question that begs is would that mean that you would have to deploy multiple company names to manage your books? Absolutely not! RealBooks is a multi-location, multi-branch, and multi-GST compliant software. With our cloud-based accounting software in India, you can access your books, anytime and anywhere. Redundant errors such as duplicacy of work can be minimized. Also, you can effortlessly facilitate inter-branch reconciliation.

3. Chassis Wise Inventory Aging 

With RealBooks, auto dealerships can maintain chassis-wise stock. View the stock age on a chassis-wise basis with an item or item group filter which is further segregated date-wise for ease. In addition to this, the aging breakdown can be customized as per your convenience. Thus allowing you the flexibility of viewing reports as, when, and how you like. Not only aging, but RealBooks facilitates chassis wise stock valuation reports too.

 4. Bill Wise Aging 

Accounting & finance are critical pillars that contribute to the growth of any business. Having data that will empower you to make informed decisions is an ask any accounting software should be able to fulfill. With RealBooks, you get the dynamic feature of Bill Status Report that does your aging analysis in multiple ways. This results in the flexibility of you being able to check the financial health of the business and make quick decisions, strategically.

5. Track Receipts against DO and Finance Commission 

The one opportunity we never give up on is to offer you ease. Through RealBooks, you can:

  • track receipts against DO
  • automate the Commission calculation process
  • auto-post commission entries 

And do way more with way less effort.

6. Approval Gate Pass Issuance 

They say that the devil is the detail, and with RealBooks, you are sure to get a lot of details. For starters, rely upon detailed customer settlement forms that are generated from the system based on the entries done. Additionally, they can be printed post-approval.

Needless to say that we have only been able to touch upon certain features that make RealBooks the best accounting software in India for auto dealers. Our team would love to give you a detailed demo on why we are the perfect fit. If you still have certain reservations, a 14-day free trial period with all the features and functionalities should definitely help seal the deal!

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