Manage all your SKUs with RealBooks' Mulitple Price List Feature

Manage all your SKUs with RealBooks’ Mulitple Price List Feature

Volatility of markets may increase or decrease but the possibility of having a single price list for a complete financial year is nearly “0”. For this reason, the concept of multiple price-lists arises but the handling of multiple price lists and keeping a check on its applicability is a challenge. Arrival of advanced accounting softwares have made the usage of price lists a bit easy.

The concept of multiple pricelists, if applied accurately and smartly, is very fruitful and efficient whereas if the application of the same is not appropriate then it might hamper the accounting processes. Few softwares have given this feature of Multiple Pricelists but have covered the concept superficially.

On the other hand RealBooks are up with their more logical and detailed feature of multiple price list. 

How Multiple Price List feature of RealBooks is helping the accountants?

1. Price List Assigning: You can easily assign as many pricelists as you want, to any specific ledger or party without any second thought. The applicability is also full of ease for the accountants.

2. Ranking: Just like other ranking structures, the first comes first. The Pricelist with the Rank-1 will be considered while auto-populating data during invoicing.

3. Tenure based price list: The sale period at malls might be an opportunity to the customers but are a point of havoc for you, the accountant. At RealBooks, you may relax since you already have an option to create a specific pricelist with applicability for a specific period so that the invoices generated/prepared in that very period are all specially priced without a single chance of mistake.

4. Quantity based price list: In certain businesses there are slab wise, as per order quantity/volume of purchase, pricing. In this case, you can easily create a base pricelist and also the special slab pricing so that you get an option to choose, from the dropdown, while applying the pricelist.

5. Applicability & Success: A general store keeps more than 7 times the variety of products than we purchase. Isn’t it? Yes, it is!

But, it is way too easy for an accountant to search from 1000 than from 100. 

This is how we, RealBooks, have succeeded and shined in the books of  Origami, our esteemed client.

THEIR DEMAND: They have a wide range of variety of products but not all customers buy all. Thus, they came up with their issue and requested for a feature in which they can create different pricelists for all of their customers and also they didn’t want their accountant to search individual items and feed the price from the drop down or manually. 

OUR SUPPLY: When the Lord commands, fords are found and crossed. Now they have a feature fully loaded and beyond their expectations. They have different pricelists for their customers and while invoicing they just select the pricelists and feed the quantity and rates in the same and on a click post that, the order copy is generated.

Happiness and successes are worth to be shared with our well-wishers like YOU!

Further, we are on the life-long duty of caring and serving our well-wishers and haters as well.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks  online accounting software and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.


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