The Secret to Speeding up Your Accounting in RealBooks

In the fast-paced world of online accounting, where every second counts, RealBooks shortcut keys can help you save time and streamline your financial management. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can easily and quickly navigate through the software, perform tasks with ease, and master accounting tasks with lightning speed and precision.

What are the Keyboard Shortcuts in RealBooks?

RealBooks is an online accounting software that offers powerful yet simple accounting solutions. RealBooks helps you navigate your business, meet all the demands, and experience great business success. This solution has been specially designed for small, large, and medium-sized businesses with the aim of achieving accuracy in accounting and bookkeeping.

We all know how easy it is to just press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste instead of using a mouse to click all these options. Similarly, shortcut keys in RealBooks help make your accounting faster and more accurate.

The shortcut keys in RealBooks help with voucher posting, report navigation, master creation, etc.

RealBooks Shortcut Keys

RealBooks is a highly effective accounting software used in India. It keeps thorough records of all a company’s transactions for each account, helping to prevent and fix errors.

Shortcut keys in RealBooks are important because they save you time and effort. RealBooks is an excellent tool for managing businesses, maintaining your day-to-day accounts and handling GST tasks.

Common Function :

Alt + OOpen and close option menu
Alt + KOpen Approval List
Alt + TOpen add note pop up
Alt + RFetch Previous Narration
Alt + NOpen Line Narration Field
Alt + QCheque Print
Alt + YGenerate Invoice
Alt + right arrowSkip to next image
Alt + left arrowSkip to previous image
Alt + DOpen Attach Document Popup
Alt + FEnable and Disable FX
Ctrl + LCancel Voucher
Ctrl + DDelete voucher
Ctrl + PBrowser Print
Ctrl + QReload Page
Ctrl space barShow hide doc panel
Ctrl + SSave voucher
EscClose any opened pop up
Alt + LDisplay ledger list popup from ledger field
Alt + pTo display the previous voucher entry
Alt + cTo create ledger master from ledger field
Shift + delTo delete entire row from any field of the row
Alt + minus / underscore (-)To check uncheck the fx check of row from any field of the row
Shift + enterTo open the Bill or CC popup from Cr / Dr field
Alt 1For selecting vtypes in Accounts Transaction screen. Select 1 to 9 for different vtype selection
UP arrowAfter click on document, scroll up the image
Down arrowAfter click on document, scroll down the image
Left arrowAfter click on document, scroll left the image
Right arrowAfter click on document, scroll right the image
Alt-cIn Accounting entry screen you can create:
1. Ledgers
2. Ledger Groups
3. Cost Category
4. Cost Centres
In Inventory entry screen you can create:
1. Ledger
2. Ledger Group
3. Items in Item Tab

From Menu Page/Dashboard :

`(First Quote)Use this key in the keyboard. Its just above tab key and beside 1 key. To Activate or Disabled menu Short key
EscTo Disabled menu Short Key
MFor Master
TFor transaction
RFor Report
EnterFor Make Selection
SSale Transaction Entry
Kopen BRS
LOpen Ledger Report
DOpen Daybook Report
JOpen Stock Journal Entry page
POpen Purchase Transaction Entry
BOpen Bill Status Report
NOpen Transaction Entry
GOpen Ledger Group Report
COpen Cost Centre Report