Track key changes in your business with a Notification add-on!

Track key changes in your business with a Notification add-on!

We cannot stay on top of all the changes that take place in our books. Employees cannot be expected to communicate every change that they make, as it is a hit on their productivity.

This adds to the risk of incorrect or tampered entries.

So, there is a need for a system that alerts you about every transactional change that occurs within your books.

That is where Notifications come in.

You can remain on top of key changes in your business with instant notifications from your accounting system.

Importance of Notification:-

  • They give you the ability to respond rapidly
  • They help in maintaining information accuracy
  • Not only can an effective notification system provide alerts to internal stakeholders, but it may also send notifications to external partners and suppliers. This helps to improve your client relations.
  • They aid timely communication and business efficiency

Keeping the Importance and Benefits of Notification in mind, RealBooks has developed a user-friendly smart solution, that helps you  trace your way back to where you started- the origin. 

RealBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that handles all your accounting needs efficiently with its robust features. 

With RealBooks’ Notification feature, you can avail the above benefits and more. The Notification feature allows you to set rules on how and when you need to be notified. You will be notified via email in the event of creation, edit, deletion, approval, or print of the specific entries.

How does the Notification Feature work in RealBooks?

You’ll be notified on every action that is taken for specific entries, such as,

1) Creation

2) Edit

3) Delete

4) Approval

5) Print

You can set notifications either for keeping an internal check or indicating confirmation to clients (party).

  • For internal users-

Internal users will be notified through mail about every action that is taken for voucher entries, ledger master, and item master following predefined rules.

  • For external users-

Set notification rules to drop in an informatory mail to the vendors when you make a Payment or Confirmation when recording a Receipt.

Benefits of using the Feature:- 

1. Additional level of security

Notification alerts add an additional level of keeping an eye on your accounting operations. This way, you can reduce errors and ensure transparency within and outside the business.

2. Multiple combinations of rules

Notification rules follow the ‘AND’ operation that allows creating a combination of rules for a specific voucher, ledger master, or item master. For example, you can set a notification for Receipt Voucher type with a Debit amount Greater than 50000 and a New Bill Reference for the same.

3. Customizable mail content

RealBooks also offers an option of customizing notification emails. Although, the emails for Receipt/Payment have a fixed mail body.

4. Mail Confirmation to Parties

Notifications can also be set in such a manner, wherein, when a Payment is made Remittance Advice will be mailed to the vendor along with invoice and instrument details, and when a receipt is recorded, Receipt Acknowledgement too will be mailed to the customer.

­So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for managing all your accounting data with a world-class system then look no further. RealBooks will definitely improve the account management workflow of your company with its class-apart cloud-based technology. Switch to RealBooks

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