Go Paperless with a smarter Document Attachment feature

Go Paperless with a smarter Document Attachment feature

Paperwork grows in tandem with a company’s growth. The filing process is burdensome, and when there are a lot of documents to be filed, it becomes haphazard. A paper-managed system is a thing of the past now. Document Attachment is the present & future of Accounting Software.

All companies are thriving to digitize every aspect of their business and paperwork is at the forefront.

This is because manually filing documents come with limitations like-

  • Misplacement and damages

You can never be too careful with your papers, especially when there are a lot of them. Manually keeping track of hundreds of documents will not only cost you efforts but also money, when you misplace them. 
Also, paper is vulnerable. So, it is prone to damage which again spirals another set of costs for your business. This kind of damage would also mean all of your clients’ vital information is lost.  

  • Errors

It is human to make mistakes and sometimes, your accountants may make an error of storing the documents in the wrong place. As a growing business, you run at the risk of losing clients at the smallest inconvenience and you cannot afford to mishandle your clients’ information. 

  • Security

Documents that have been misplaced can easily fall into the wrong hands. Clients expect you to keep their personal information safe. You’re in danger of losing them if you can’t keep them safe. A file cabinet is far more accessible than a computer, which is password protected.

  • Storage cost 

One significant thing that you have to worry about is housing your paperwork. The storage would grow per square foot as your paperwork grows as a result of business expansion.  Replacing file cabinets with cloud storage is the best solution to combat storage costs. 

Other limitations might include employees’ wasted productivity that goes into finding and filing documents, immobility, and inaccessibility of physical documents.  

Nonetheless, document filing remains an inevitable part of the business.

What’s the solution to this? GO PAPERLESS!

Imagine this-

What if you could attach important documents and vouchers to their corresponding transaction entries in the database itself?

What if you could access and download these documents from anywhere at any time?

What if you could store your documents with maximum protection without worrying about the space and rent they would use?

What If Document Attachment

Well, RealBooks solves all these queries with their Document Attachment Feature!

RealBooks, being a robust cloud accounting software, allows users to attach documents while recording transactions. The documents can either be in the form of jpg images or pdf. You can attach multiple documents to an entry. This makes managing all your documents from a centralized location simple.

The benefits of Document Attachment feature are as follows-

  • Drag and drop

You can simply drag and drop scanned images or pdfs of bills, invoices, vouchers, and other documents from your computer into RealBooks. 

  • Dropbox integration

RealBooks comes with a Dropbox integration so that you can store your documents in digital files in a date-wise format and easily track them. When you want to attach a document to an entry, you can upload it via Dropbox (if it exists in the system). This saves your time considerably and makes accounting operations even more efficient.

  • Accessibility

As RealBooks is a cloud platform, anyone who has the credentials can view, and download the attachments linked to a particular transaction. This remote accessibility helps to improve internal operations as well as customer service.

  • Audit Aid

The document attachment feature can work as a saviour during the Audit Process. Since the documents are readily available for references, neither yours nor your auditors work gets hampered.

Forget all your worries and switch to a new digital future. Choose RealBooks – the best cloud-based online accounting software and enjoy hassle-free data management. Switch to RealBooks.

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