Reduce Computation Errors with Common GST Ledgers

Reduce Computation Errors with Common GST Ledgers

Human error can be avoided through human consciousness but can never be nullified with the same. Whereas accounting softwares like RealBooks have always moved ahead towards automating the areas which are prone to human error. 

In the world of GST, there are way too many ledgers to handle and if Realbooks comes as a savior by reducing the number of ledgers while reporting, tax liability computation & filing then why shall you not switch towards the best.

Since 2017, GST has been a quite a relief from multiple taxes.

Since today, RealBooks is giving you a big relief from multiple GST ledgers and hassle of multiple computations.


Let’s look at the pluses where your stress flushes:

  1. Computation of Tax Liability: Maintaining variety carries along variety in tax rates as well. What if you get a single ledger Output Taxes & Input Taxes for all the output and input tax rates? Computation in seconds and reporting on real time basis makes your accounting experiences better than ever.
  2. Prefer your ease over our offerings: Maintaining rate wise GST ledgers or common GST ledger is a choice we leave up to you and your management while RealBooks offer you both. Your ease in accounting is our priority. 
  3. Efficient Reporting: Boss asking for reports? Let’s give you the secret of fewer efforts. Be it summarized reports (overall tax ledger reports) or detailed reports (rate wise tax reports); you can get it all with a single or a couple of clicks through the data which is readily available.

Want to know how? Know it Now!

Step 1: Enable the parameters.

Step 2: Create the Common GST Ledgers

Step 3: Map the GST rate-wise ledger against the Common GST Ledgers

Step 4: Continue with the normal/regular process.

Where the manual efforts reduces and the process turns easy, here’s where your role of storming your brain for the more essential and productive processes of accounts comes into picture.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks online accounting software and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.


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