Save your Accounting Hours with RealBooks’ Dynamic Bank Import

Save your Accounting Hours with RealBooks’ Dynamic Bank Import

Manual bank entries for lakhs of your transaction are no less than the dinosaurs; both of them are extinct, one due to the advancement of time and other due to the advancement of technology.

Bank Import via excel has been a great help to the accountants, but it has become the food of a mess rather than a restaurant since the process of import of bank statement was not at par with your expertise.

Importing your bank statements via excel, as per those specified formats of your bank, is also the newest olds in its own kind.

Following the dynamic accounting environment, RealBooks is up with its Dynamic Bank Import feature in which you can upload the bank statement of any commercial bank in India within a couple of minutes.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Map the Bank Template

Step 2: Import the Bank Statement

Step 3: Clear the Suspense Account

In this process of upload you just need to map the data as per its availability in your bank statement. With a single click post that will be magical, since all the entries will be available for you with their respective debit or credit suspense account further enabling you to remove the suspense with actual ledgers.

But what made us think of this feature enhnacement?

1.Flexibility – Flexibility was the root cause behind our hunt for the optimization of the Bank Report Import process. Bring any bank statement in whatsoever format; we will help you with the mapping feature during upload.

2.Time Saving – The advancement of technology has always been towards saving the time for the mankind. So are we; up with our business intelligent accounting software, RealBooks saving your time with our every next feature.

3.Cost Reduction – Customization heftily hits your pockets and we are concerned about your pockets as well. The dynamic import feature has saved your pockets for each and every new bank added in your company.

4.Accuracy – Accounts and accuracy are synonyms in the business world. A small mistake or error, be it transaction date, instrument number, amount, etc., can cost your organization with a lot of hassle and several precious accounting hours. With this feature the threat has been eliminated completely.

We have a strong belief that this feature was a wish of yours as well.

Switching can be troublesome at the beginning but when the trouble is towards betterment then it’s always fruitful. And we are always there to guide you through.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks, the online accounting software, and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

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