Speed up your data search process with RealBooks’ Advance Search

Speed up your data search process with RealBooks’ Advance Search

A Day Book is a book of original entry in which day to day transactions are recorded by accountants chronologically. Further, the transactions are transferred into a ledger and then summarized into a set of Financial Statements.

For some, day book is a well but for many it’s a sea. Difficulty arises when you need to get a specific data but then it seems like finding a needle in grass and if I would be in your situation then this dead would have been finding his own grave.


What if I say that you can find your data in a single click?

What if I say that you can have an advance search filter?

What if I say that you can have 10+ dynamic search options?

If any one question of the above brings your requirement an attention then welcome RealBooks, a business-intelligent online accounting software, to your valued organization and experience a GEN-Z experience of cloud-based accounting.

Bring a needle and we will find it for you from the cloud based grass. Let’s see how it works:

Amount & Amount Type: Do you just have an amount or a partial remembrance of an amount? No worries just use the advance search filter and just add the amount and the amount type and on a single click, you can fetch the all the entries with those amounts.

Voucher Date, Voucher Number, & Narration: If you are stuck with a voucher date or voucher number or just a few words of narration then no stressing out. Just take a sip of coffee if you have the business-intelligent Backbone, RealBooks. Just feed the available date, number or the words of narration and on a single click post that, see the magic.

Instrument Number: If you have made a mistake while booking a transaction by wrongly entering the instrument number in some other entry. Do not feel lost since we will not let you get lost. Just with the available instrument number you can search the entries in which the instrument number is used and easily correct the data.

Many more options follows like Ledger Name, Bill Number, Instrument type, etc.

Not only you can use the advance search option vide individual filters but also can use combinations of the available data in order to narrow down and make your search more specific and accurate.


Now, here you have come down reading the above story then we believe that you must give a chance by allowing us to showcase our product demo for a better purview of RealBooks. 

Many have trusted us and soon it will be your turn to switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

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