Stuck with Manual Payroll Processing? Time to Future-Proof with RealHR

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient payroll management is crucial for smooth operations and satisfied employees. RealHR, a cutting-edge cloud-based Payroll Solution seamlessly integrated with RealBooks Online Accounting Software, stands as a beacon for modern workplaces. Let’s delve into the features that make RealHR an indispensable asset for businesses, simplifying the complexities of employee management.

Automated Payroll Calculations:

RealHR takes the hassle out of manual payroll computations, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of errors. The system automatically calculates salaries, tax deductions, and other financial components with precision, providing a reliable foundation for payroll processes.

Approval-Based Leave Management System:

Managing employee leaves is a breeze with RealHR’s intuitive approval system. Supervisors can efficiently review and approve leave requests, facilitating a transparent and organized leave management process.

Leave Encashment:

RealHR handles more than just basic leave management. It simplifies the complex task of leave encashment, providing businesses with a holistic solution for managing employee benefits.

Open API for Attendance Integration:

For a comprehensive view of employee attendance, RealHR offers an open API for seamless integration with attendance tracking systems. This ensures accurate payroll processing based on real-time attendance data.

Password Protected Payslips:

Privacy is paramount. RealHR provides password-protected digital payslips, adding an extra layer of security to sensitive financial information. Employees can access their payslips securely, enhancing confidentiality.

Compliance-Driven Process:

Adhering to compliance requirements is non-negotiable. RealHR is designed with compliance in mind, ensuring that businesses stay abreast of the latest regulations without unnecessary complexities.

Manage Diverse Salary Structures:

Every business has its unique salary structures. RealHR is adaptable, accommodating diverse salary structures to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

Maintain Salary History:

Access to historical salary data is crucial for various purposes, from audits to employee negotiations. RealHR enables businesses to maintain a comprehensive salary history for each employee, providing valuable insights.

Store Documents on the Cloud:

Say goodbye to physical paperwork. RealHR allows businesses to securely store essential documents in the cloud. This not only reduces clutter but also ensures easy accessibility when needed.

Effortless Data Upload:

Data management is a breeze with RealHR’s user-friendly data upload functionalities. Businesses can easily upload and manage employee information without unnecessary complexities.

Schedule Deductions for Advances:

Handling advance deductions becomes more organized with RealHR. The system allows businesses to schedule deductions, ensuring financial accuracy and preventing unnecessary hiccups in payroll processing.

Role-Based Access Control:

Data security is a top priority for RealHR. The system incorporates role-based access control, allowing businesses to define and manage access levels, and safeguarding sensitive information.

Manage Employee Exits:

Employee exits are part of organizational dynamics. RealHR simplifies the process, making it easier for businesses to manage employee exits in a structured and organized manner.


Keeping track of employee work hours is made simpler with RealHR’s intuitive timesheet functionality. Businesses can efficiently monitor and record employee working hours without unnecessary complexities.

In essence, RealHR is not just a payroll solution; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to transform how businesses manage their most valuable asset ÔÇô their employees. With RealHR, businesses can streamline their payroll processes, enhance data security, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights. Embrace the future of payroll management with RealHR.